Apps That Manage Cameras and Photos on Apple Devices

All the latest-generation iPads and iPods have two cameras, one front-facing and one rear-facing. You can use the cameras to shoot photos of both yourself with a front-facing camera and your surroundings with a rear-facing camera, record videos or have video conversations using either camera in a similar manner as described above. If you want to use your Apple device to view or edit photos you took using a different device, you can use the Photos app.

You can also view photos in the same app or work with photos in other apps. For example, you can send photos you took with your iPhone or iPad by using the Mail app. You can see all the photos on web pages in the Safari web browser app just like you would do in any other web browser on any other device.

The controls in the Camera app allow you to switch between the two cameras, change from taking photos to shooting videos, actually take a picture or start/stop recording videos and turn on the grid feature to help you focus on your pictures the way you want.

When you are done taking pictures, not only can you send them via the Mail app, but you can also share them using iCloud, send them to people around you using AirDrop, post them to your social media accounts, print them, use them as a background or use them to represent a contact in your contact list.

You can use the Photos app to organise and view your pictures. The app is not as complex as Photoshop or some other high-end photo-editing softwares. The Photos app automatically organises pictures by date and location. You can use the app to re-organise your photos, view them, apply simple filters to edit them, and add cool effects. Using the Photos app, you can remove red-eye, crop your pictures and run slideshows.

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