Top Apps for Both IPhone and IPad

These devices by Apple are top-rated, and it is the most popular smartphone worldwide. You might find yourself acquiring it out of peer influence and to try and match up to your friends. It estimated that by the end of 2018, over 2.2 billion phones were sold. Let’s look at the top applications therein and how relevant they are to your day to day operations.


If you are a globetrotter, this application has lots of data on the most popular destinations. It also has an offline version that can assist you in case of network limitations.

Google Maps

This is a basic yet very vital piece in your smartphone. You will get this on every apple device and also works perfectly if downloaded, within the offline mode.

Google Translate

Being a social media user, you may be interested in other conversations by popular figures or celebrities and opinion shapers. With this application free, on the Apple Store, you have the option of translating over 50 foreign languages. This app can also translate signs and symbols for you.


This is an app with either a free version or paid package, which allows you to track your fitness activity and even create schedules. You can also visit Apple apps for time management and get smart applications that can store vital data critical in charting a healthy lifestyle.

Brushes Redux

This is an excellent tool for creative personalities and artists as it can be used to improve productivity while still on the go.

Picsart Animator

This is great for creating effects on images, putting frames, improving picture outlook and other editing functions in images.

Round Health

This is an application suitable for your medication needs. If you need to have reminders for vitamins or long-term medication that may skip your mind or busy schedule, this is the app for you.

Kitchen Stories

Kitchen enthusiasts or chef wannabes need this kind of app to pursue their passion.